Octopus drawing

A Cursory Inquisition: Just Curious

Where are you located?

Our print shop is located at our home on top of a small mountain in Camas, Washington. Many of our woodland and animal-themed designs are a product of the Pacific Northwest wilderness that surrounds us.

Both Nathan and I grew up in Western Washington and the damp, dark and mossy environment that surrounds us has always fed our curiosity for the mysterious.

Foxgloves on a forest path

Do you ever teach classes?

We don’t currently teach classes, but who knows what the future holds.

Do you have a favorite Adventure Storeys design?

I think my sentimental favorite will always be the “Society of Super Terrible Secrets” card. It was amongst the first cards we ever put out and I love imagining what sorts of messages people are writing and who they are sending them to.

Terrible Secrets card

What kind of weirdos buy this stuff?

One of my most memorable customer interactions was when I was selling at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. A couple was looking at our “Sasquatch & His Woodland Friends” print (link) very seriously. The husband confidently told me he had personally seen a sasquatch and informed me that while this is an accurate representation of his appearance, the description was all wrong. They bought the print regardless, so I think I probably need to make a seal stating that print is officially endorsed by a real-life sasquatch hunter.

Sasquatch print

Another heartwarming customer was the actual rocket scientist who bought the “Space Travel is for Lovers” card for her astronaut husband! Nathan came up with the line “In space, no one can hear you smooch.” and it makes me smile every time I come across that card.

Space Travel card

How did you learn how to draw, design and print?

Drawing and design is all just a matter of doing it… a lot. Anyone can draw, if they want to commit the time to it. The fun part is establishing what style you want to lean into. The tricky part for us is blending both of our styles together. The Adventure Storeys style is its own thing, different than what either of us would do on our own, which is kind of a unique challenge that stretches our comfort zones.

Learning how to print, on the other hand, is a very different matter. A lot of classes, research, reading, inquiring and elbow grease has gone into learning this antiquated trade. Personally, my artsy brain has also