Nate in illustrated form

Meet Nathan.

This guy is the heart of the operation. His inspiration is endless. He leaves a trail of sketches wherever he goes and can incorporate a narwhal into any context… Just try him. All of the Adventure Storeys original art prints and greeting cards have been inspired by one of Nathan’s fantastical, funny, or mysterious stories — Check them out in the online shop.

Taylor Luke in illustrated form

Meet Taylor.

Despite her smaller stature in comparison to Nathan, she is deceptively the muscle of the operation. Taylor is the one you will find prepping the files, working the press, and greasing the gears. She has ink under her fingernails, yet will never leave a smudge on clean paper. All custom projects go through this gal, so contact her to request a quote.

What is letterpress?

From its invention by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid-15th century, letterpress became the primary form of printing until the 19th century and remained in wide use for books, newspapers, posters, and other forms of information distribution until the second half of the 20th century. While offset and digital printing took the place of letterpress for mass-produced pieces, no other process was ever able to replicate the uniquely warm and personal feeling of this time-tested technique.

Each Adventure Storeys’ letterpress print is hand-fed one at a time into our century-old printing press. Our beloved Cleveland, Ohio-made press weighs 1 ton, used to have a job printing chocolate wrappers in the ’50s, is named Rose, and is the hardest worker we know!

Old-school process set in the new age.

All Adventure Storeys’ Print Shop original designs are first drawn by hand. These drawings are transferred to the computer, at which point, the art is converted to vectors and any loose ends are cleaned up. The final digital files are turned into photopolymer plastic printing plates, which are then used to press each piece one at a time on their hand-fed century-old Chandler & Price printing press.

From the simplest pen and paper sketching, to digital reconstruction, to photopolymer chemical processes, and then back to a Benjamin Franklin-era process… Adventure Storeys Print Shop brings the history of printing craft technology full circle in each and every print.

A peek into what we do