Nathan Storey and Taylor Luke

A Cursory Inquisition: This is Getting Personal

A few questions for Taylor:

Do you have pets?

We have two large dogs, one tiny pony and one young human. I am also going to claim Tom Selleck and Salvador Dali, the catfish in our pond, as pets because we feed them. But the owl, deer, moles, frogs, bobcats, ewoks and luck dragons who wander our woods, answer to no one.

If you weren’t a purveyor of printed goods, what would you want to be doing?

If I were doing anything other than what I’m currently doing, I’d be a grizzled old cowgirl, spending all day riding the backcountry on a horse named Horse… but it’s not too late… I will continue to ask Santa for a horse for Christmas every year, until I finally wear him down.

Would you rather know the history of every object you touched or read the mind of any person you see?

For me, a great deal of my creative brainstorms are sparked by mysterious found objects. I would love to know where they all came from and whose hands they have passed through. As for readings minds, I think I’d always rather not know, thank you very much.

Do you think talking to plants helps them grow?

Absolutely. I always read our Madagascar jewel plant its horoscope, and it is very lush and green.

And a few questions for Nathan:

If you had a catchphrase, what would it be?

According to outside observers I use the catchphrase, “Oh What The Heck!?!?” very often and vehemently. And mostly with a harder word substituted at the end when outside of small human earshot. You can imagine me saying this with equal emphasis when we find out a mummy has come to life during an adventure as I would say it when I notice no one washed out their cereal bowl.

Would you rather speak all human languages or be able to talk to animals?

While being able to speak with all the people of the world in their native tongue would be delightful, I see more wild animals now in my current day-to-day than I do world-traveled humans. So let’s see what outside the box ideas the local banana slug has for our backyard landscaping instead.

What is your all-time favorite comic or graphic novel?

I’m a massive Brian K. Vaughn fan. But the completed Y The Last Man series is a constant re-read that hits me in all the emotional centers. Plus, I find it easy to root for a main character named Yorick.

Are we all just living in a simulation?